Memory Capturing Opportunities Of Pet Or Baby Hand And Feet Casting

Published: 28th September 2011
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The utilization of child, baby, or pet hand and feet casting, would be able to help to create several unique possibilities for individuals trying to benefit from this process. These opportunities can be used to provide unique gifts to parents or pet owners, and also represent a one of a kind potential which people could invest in to capture a point in history with their child or animal friend. When looking to benefit from all the gifting or memory creating possibilities available through casting, take advantage of the following possibilities.

Frame Casts

One of the most popular resources that individuals invest in, when pursuing the pet and baby hand and feet sculptures opportunity, could be found with frame casts. These are generally casts made from the material of the investors choosing, that are then classically mounted and framed for preservation. This enables a person to get a 3D image of their kid or pets imprint for long term preservation.

Handprint Tiles

One more opportunity that is available for an individual to invest in, when seeking the unique opportunities created with hand and feet casting, could be found with handprint tiles. When many people consider the opportunity of casting into tiles, they usually identify an indentation from their child or pet that is then hardened over time and framed. The one of a kind opportunity which exists with handprint tiles, is that rather than having an indentation, a 3D image is generated thatís raised above the tile, creating a unique impression of every detail associated with the hand, foot, or paw utilized.

Paw Casts

Many individuals would think its nearly impossible to create a cast of their pet, as a result of the unpredictability thatís associated with animals and their reluctance to have people play with their paws. A skilled person would be able to take advantage of a unique opportunity to not just cast your pets paw, but also utilize very safe materials which will not harm your animal friend in any way. Similar to the possibilities of baby hand and feet sculptures, there are a wide variety of possibilities to utilize this cast.


The final opportunity available for an individual to take advantage of is found with bronzing. This opportunity could be utilized in the preservation of hand and feet casting or could be used in the bronzing of a childhood memento. There are very few limits that an individual can take advantage of, when pursuing the bronzing opportunity.

All of these opportunities represent a really unique resource which people could take advantage of, when trying to create a gift or benefit from a unique possibility to capture a moment in time. When you are trying to identify your best resources to achieve pet and baby hand and feet sculptures, utilize the resources which are found at .

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